Tuesday, 22 November 2011

An Unwanted Interruption

Normal service is now resumed. I woke up two Fridays ago with a horrible sore throat, which developed into chills, sweats and aches. I was pretty much better again by last Thursday, but decided to call the running week a write-off and start fresh at the weekend. I'm no stranger to over-training, so I thought it'd be best to rest properly before picking up the pace again. This all means I'm a week behind my schedule, but it was pretty flexible anyway so no great loss.

I switched the long run to Saturday this week, to accommodate other commitments, so I was out as dawn broke for a five miler - no link to that run, since both Nike+ and Runkeeper failed me (Nike+ stopped recording my time after I stopped at traffic lights, and Runkeeper thought I was doing 6 minute miles - chance would be a fine thing!). I quite liked the Saturday early run. It meat Izzy and her dad got a wee lie in, I got my run out of the way right at the start of the weekend, and it meant I still had the whole of Saturday ahead of me. I think I might switch my long run to Saturdays, or at least be flexible with it.

Today was another 2-miler, to and from the post-natal exercise class. It felt very quick and easy. Thursday is a 5 miler though, and I'm a bit apprehensive about having Izzy out in the Beast that long. I'm sure it'll be d
fine though - she certainly seemed to be happy to be going out today!

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