Thursday, 10 November 2011

Rebel Yell

Izzy has discovered that screaming is fun! Sometimes she shrieks like she's being murdered. Sometimes she yelps like a dog. Sometimes she gargles at the top of her voice. Apparently these are all fine and acceptable methods of self expression. It's very, very funny, but I do feel for the neighbours.

She's generally quiet on our runs though, taking in her surroundings at speed, occasionally babbling up to me, but mainly giving her poor vocal cords a wee rest. Today we went on an adventure run, exploring streets we'd never been down and seeing where we'd end up. It was a nice run, and when I was flagging near the end I was cheered up and cheered on by the lady standing at her window watching us and giving us a round of applause! Perhaps a small taste of the supporters en route of the marathon? Just over 5 months to go...

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