Monday, 9 January 2012

15 weeks and counting

It's really not long now until the big day. I've been pretty good at sticking to my training, although the weather (including Hurricane Bawbag, and Son of Bawbag to whom our greenhouse was sacrificed) meant a few missed short runs, and I had a rest/chocolate munching week between Christmas and new year to prepare for the big effort to come.

Yesterday Jen and I ran 8 miles. It was wet, cold and hilly, but it was brilliant. We chatted the whole way round and I felt refreshed rather than tired after. That might have had something to do with Izzy - and therefore me - sleeping for 6 hours straight the night before. What with night feeds preceded by pregnancy bladder, I think that's the longest I'd slept since September 2011!

We've booked a hall for a fundraising night in March and I booked the DJ today, so no turning back. Made sure we'd get a karaoke too - now just need to decide whether to sing Running Up that Hill or London Calling. We also made about £30 by selling little Christmas boxes (I say we - I sold 5, Jen sold the rest. I did make them though ;-) ) and we've had a few donations including a very generous Christmas gift from some good friends, so we're off to a solid start.

Last week I ran 16 miles, this week will be 17...just think, in a few weeks I'll be running more than that in a day, never mind a week!

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