Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Having a Giraffe

Week three of the pre-training training, and all's well. Tuesday's are a 2 mile easy run until after Christmas, so Izzy and I ran to the sports centre for my post-natal exercise class and back - that's dedication! Definitely felt like an easier run than last week, and I didn't walk up the hills like I did last week either.

There was an added bonus today. We were at the centre for the baby swimming class yesterday, and somewhere between the car and the pool I dropped Sophie the Giraffe. Now Sophie is one of those ubiquitous, slightly pretentious and very middle class toys that everyone (and I mean everyone) seems to have, but she's popular for a good reason. Despite resembling a very expensive dog toy, she's the best teething toy out there, and considering that Izzy has just in the past two days cut her first two teeth, this was not the best time for the giraffe to go walkabout. I asked if she had been handed in as we left, but no joy.

Imagine, then, how delighted I was to walk into the centre today to see Sophie in pride of place on a shelf behind the desk. I waited in the queue, and when the lady asked how she could help I told her I was there to rescue the giraffe. Izzy seemed unfazed by the reunion at the time, but she was having a good chew on poor Sophie when we got home, so I think she was happy to have her back.

Tomorrow we've got Buggyfit (if I can get out of bed this time) and then Thursday is a 3 mile run with Izzy. As long as we've got Sophie along with us I'm sure it'll be fine.

Sophie Safe at Home

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