Sunday, 6 November 2011

Grumpy Sunday

Izzy, not me. She's a bit out of sorts, and has been for a few days. It's probably a combination of a wee cold and teething, and the poor wee thing just isn't happy. She spent most of her time at our friends' fireworks party yesterday grumbling, girning, and refusing to nap, and she spent the duration of my four mile run today driving her poor dad to distraction.

It was strange yesterday - I kept wanting to insist "she's usually not like this, really!", as if her discomfort were an indictment of my parenting ability. Luckily most of the people there had young children of their own, so they probably knew exactly how I was feeling (unless I actually am a terrible parent /paranoia).

She's currently asleep on me. She continued to yell at her dad while I had my bath, negating any hoped-for relaxation on my part. I tried feeding her as soon as I got out of the bath, and after putting up a bit of a fight she settled down to eat and fell asleep on my lap. She's still there. I'm wearing a towel, I'm cold, and I need to get ready to visit my parents-in-law in an hour, but for now I'll sit here with a peaceful baby while I can

As for the run, it was lovely. The longest so far in this training plan, but I felt I could have kept going. Jennifer and I had a lovely chat again, and the cold, bright weather was ideal. At least something's going well...

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