Sunday, 30 October 2011

Good Old GMT

The clocks went back last night. By all accounts this is a nightmare for parents of young children whose body clocks aren't as obliging as their parents'. Izzy's still too wee to have much of a set wake-up time yet though, so when she woke up at 8 (new money) that was ok by me.

I messaged Jen while Izzy was having her milk and we arranged to meet for our run once we'd had a cup of tea to wake us up a bit. Today was just a wee three miler, and it had to be early as we were going to a Hallowe'en party in the afternoon, so we hit the road at 9AM, leaving Izzy to play with daddy until our return.

We were a bit slow and steady today, probably because we were still half asleep, but it was a cool, dry morning with a refreshing breeze, perfect for a quick jaunt, and the time passed quickly, mainly because Jen and I hadn't seen each other for a week so we chatted the whole way and caught up with all our news.

I'm knackered now, right enough. It's 8 o'clock, and I can't see me being up much longer.

Let me leave you with a picture of Batbaby at her party...Gotham City is in safe hands tonight!

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