Monday, 6 February 2012

Talking about the weather

Last week's training saw two sides of Glasgow winter weather. Thursday's 6-miler was in a cold, crisp morning. I did a few circuits of Bellahouston Park in pretty perfect conditions - freezing cold, but clear and bright. I even did some grass running over the frozen pitches for a bit of variety.

Beautiful Bellahouston Park
Then there was Saturday's 12-miler. It was cold and drizzly when Jen and I started our run along the Clydeside. By the time we reached the squinty bridge, however, the rain was pelting down, and by the turning point at Glasgow Green we were soaked through. Every inch of us was sodden and freezing, and we had to run back the same distance, only with added puddles. The wet clothes rubbed my skin raw by the end, and my lightweight technical training gear weight several pounds once peeled off. Run wise, though, it was fine. The distance seemed pretty easy, and after a hot bath all was well. I did start to get a bit light- headed towards the 10 mile mark, so I'm either going to have to eat a bigger breakfast or take some fuel on the long runs from here on in.

We're starting to gather in some great raffle prizes for the fundraising night on the 2nd of March, and any more would be most welcome! The Twaffle is going a bit more slowly, so I've decided that anyone who donates to our Virgin Money Giving page before the 20th of February will be eligible for 1 entry per pound donated. There will (hopefully) be Twaffles in March and April too, with the same rules applying - go on, it's only a pound!

This weekend will be a 14-miler. I haven't dreamt up our route yet. I'm going to have to start getting creative as the distances increase. I'm feeling so much fitter and more energetic for all the exercise, and the baby weight is slowly but surely disappearing. I'll have to recommend running a marathon 11 months after the birth to any mums looking to shift the pregnancy weight. - what could be simpler? ;-)

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