Friday, 20 April 2012

Almost There...

Two days to go. The bags are packed (nearly), the passports and registration documents ready, and our fundraising target has been smashed! Thank you so much to everyone who donated. We are so very, very grateful (especially me, as it means I'm officially allowed to run - yipee!)

The next two days will possibly be the busiest of my life (or maybe a close second to my wedding day and the day before). In my usual nitpicky and over prepared style, I've put together an itinerary of our movements. From 7AM tomorrow, no second of our time goes unaccounted for. We've got to get to the airport, fly to London, get to the marathon Expo to register, get to the hotel to check in, get to the Pasta Party, then get back to the hotel to try to sleep.

On Sunday, Jennifer and I need to leave the hotel just after 7 and get two trains to Greenwich and find our starting positions. Then there's the small and insignificant matter of the race itself. Honestly, it's the last thing I'm worried about, after the travel arrangements and the perils of travelling with an 11 month old. Izzy and her dad will be seeing the sights of London as they wait for us to finish - I hope they get a nice day for wandering around. Jen and I need to try to meet up at some point after the 3 mile mark. We're starting at different areas, since I'm a charity runner and she's a ballot runner, but the courses converge after 3 miles. I hope she doesn't have to wait too long for me :-)We should be finished at the back of 3PM and then we have to limp our way back to Gatwick to catch our flight home - poor Jennifer has work in the morning!

If you want to track my progress on Sunday, you can go here and find me. If it asks for my race number, it's 34934.

The picture below is my marathon training plan - just Sunday to tick off now! At the top is the magnet sent to all runners by the race organisers. You can remove some pieces to  show your final race time. I wonder what it's going to be?

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