Sunday, 4 March 2012

Hitting the Big Miles

Friday was our fundraising night out. It was a brilliant night and I'm so grateful to everyone who came and everyone who helped make it work (by buying tickets, taking part in the bingo, quizzes and raffle, donating prizes and helping with the organisation.) We made an amazing £559.03 which puts our total over the £1000 mark! A big thank you to everyone who has sponsored us so far too - I can't believe how generous people are being, and I'm very, very thankful.

The night was really great fun. I'd been worried about numbers, but we had over 50 people there which was perfect. I'd also been worried abut what to do with Izzy. In the end, we decided to bring her and play it by ear, since her dad could always take her home early if need be. As it turned out, she was an absolute star, making the rounds of the tables, laughing and chatting and doing her new trick of clapping her hands and generally having a lovely time. She fell asleep in. the car on the way home and there's been no major fallout from the late night - so relieved!

Jennifer and I went on our first 18 mile run today. We left at 8AM, running into a drizzly, dreich morning, but by mile 4 the clouds were dissipating and the rest of the distance was covered in beautiful sunshine. We ran 16 miles two weeks ago, and at the end of that run my legs were in agony and I struggled over the last two miles. Skip forward to today, however, and by mile 16 I was still going strong. After the run I felt brilliant and there's no major pain or niggles. I always hear people say that if you can do 18 miles, you can do the marathon. I don't know how true that is, but today's performance certainly bodes well. It took about half an hour less than I had guessed it would, and while the 16 miler a fortnight ago was at an average pace of 13:20 per mile, this run was 11:58 per mile, and barely slowed towards the end. Last week was a rest week (well, I say rest, it was 17 miles compared to this week's 27) and I think that the rest has made all the difference to my overall fitness and stamina.

I feel quite justified now in sitting on the couch, eating my bacon rolls and drinking tea. I might even stretch to a couple of Quality Street - I think I've earned it!

One final note - Congratulations to Caroline Breyley in Shetland, who was the winner of the Twaffle. The voucher is on its way to you! Thanks to everyone who donated in February :-)


  1. if you haven't already done it then get your name on front of your shirt - we took ours to a sports shop and he did them like they do football shirts or you can get iron on letters and do it yourself, but it's just fab to have folk shouting your name, especially if you're a bit tired, gives you a real lift!
    Good Luck, it sounds like you're doing brilliantly and the training is going well

  2. Hi Helen! Thanks for that. We've had our names printed on our vests for that very reason. Looking forward to hearing the supporters shouting our names and urging us on. Thanks for your lovely comments - the training is going really well and I'm starting to get really excited!